How To Use Venus Virgin Cream?

  •     Wash your hand with soap
  •        Use a small towel to clean your vagina with lukewarm water. Then wipe it until dry and clean
  •       Use your finger tip and scoop up the cream about the size of your whole fingernail
  •       Insert your finger 3/4 way into your vagina and apply the cream onto your vagina wall evenly
  •       Cover the jar back with the cap and wash your hand with soap

If you are using Venus Virgin Cream for the first time, apply the cream to your vagina twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) for the first 5 nights. Thereafter, apply the cream once a day on alternate days for maintenance until you have achieved your desired tightness.

venus HVirgin Cream is also commonly used to enhance sexual intercourse. Apply the cream approximately 60 minutes before sex to experience the tight "honeymoon" fit, enhance the sensitivity of your vagina area and increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasm.

   Marilyn Walter
    Venus Virgin Cream™